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BTR Closes Pre-Seed Round led by New Stack Ventures and LRV Health

The Boston-based company is rethinking Compliance for Life Science Companies

· New Investment

We are proud to announce our newest invesment in Boston Technology Research (BTR)! 


We first engaged with the founders, Bryan Ennis and Kosal Keo in December and it quickly became clear that their progress was mounting. By the time we completed our diligence, the business had doubled in size. With over 40 years in combined experience at industry leading firms such as Genzyme, NextDocs, and Veeva, Bryan and Kosal are well positioned to address the immense market opportunity of life science compliance and automation. 

Compliance is not sexy. It’s an antiquated industry that has seen little to no innovation. Despite being ignored, it is a ubiquitous, must-have for all companies operating in regulated industries. These companies have been forced to rely on consultants and paper processes that are both inefficient and costly. With early focus on the life sciences market we see a clear path to $100M+ ARR and the ability to expand into adjacent sectors.

As excited as we are about the opportunity at hand, we’re equally as excited about Bryan and Kosal. They possess both the deep domain expertise and hustle that we actively seek. Since first engaging with the team, their business has more than quadrupled and there are no signs of the momentum slowing down. It’s a privilege to lead BTR’s pre-seed round.