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Hologram awarded Inc. Best Workplaces again in 2022


· Portfolio Company

Hologram has once again been named one of Inc. Best Workplaces 2022! This award emphasizes the importance of building a strong company culture — one that redefines the workplace and continues to enrich it. Honorees are determined by a company benefit review and an employee engagement survey.

“Inc. Best Workplaces represents building an iconic culture that empowers our employees, and we’re grateful to be recognized for this award. At Hologram, our values of ownership, transparency, and mindfulness are key to how we build our remote-first culture. They’re reflected in our day-to-day work and guide us as we aim to foster a productive, supportive, and inclusive work environment for our team,” said Chief People Officer Clara Kridler.

Hologram empowers team members through ownership

Ownership means that all team members are empowered to make decisions and improvements for collective success. They utilize a decision making framework (DMF) process that allows anyone to propose changes and improvements, provide their rationale, and seek input from other stakeholders. They also employ project management tools like Asana for team members to take ownership of their tasks and collaborate with colleagues across the company.

Hologram provides access to information for transparency

Transparency means that all business data is readily accessible, and employees work without ambiguity. This requires diligent documentation, and we use Notion to ensure team members have access to data and processes. The DMF process is also an important source of documentation, as it provides team members with visibility into all business decisions. Weekly “Town Hall” meetings allow teams to align and share progress and key business data with the entire company. They also have a Slack channel dedicated to asking questions of the leadership team — anything from suggesting new benefits to seeking the rationale behind processes.

Hologram approaches everything with mindfulness

Mindfulness means approaching each task with an open mind, seeking diverse perspectives, and cultivating conscientiousness. They act on this value by providing multiple avenues for providing meaningful feedback, including Lattice for performance management, the HeyTaco Slack integration for public praise, and more. Their continuous DEI efforts are also a reflection of this value — they can only deliver a more connected world if the team accurately reflects the diverse and unique communities they are building for.

Hologram embraces an asynchronous work style

All of their values are embodied by an asynchronous work style. Working “async” allows  team members to exercise mindfulness and ownership in working the hours that are best for their lifestyle while still fulfilling job-related responsibilities. It also allows them to take even more steps to encourage work-life balance for team members. They employ “Flexible Fridays,” in which no meetings are held, and employees choose to work, partially work (what we call "Low Power Mode"), or take time off based on their needs and schedule. Hologram offers unlimited PTO and mandate mental health days.