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How $15 Million Can Help Close the Security Skills Gap

Cybrary, announces their Series-B led by BuildGroup

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The ever-expanding cyber threat landscape and never-ending shortage of cybersecurity skills make for a perfect storm across all industries. What has helped to counter this perfect storm is the subscription economy, where IT and security professionals can take online vocational training on a continual, on-demand, and more affordable basis as opposed to traditional two-to-four-year college or certification programs that cost organizations way more in terms of time and dollars.

It’s Time to Scale Career Development

While modern training programs are adapting to the subscription economy, almost nothing has been done to address the cyber skills shortage at scale. That is until now. At Cybrary, the world’s largest online cybersecurity career development platform, we’re committed to accelerating professional development to the masses to fill the cybersecurity skills gap that has been plaguing the industry for too long. In fact, recent reports claim the cyber skills workforce shortage has surpassed 4 million. The good news is that Cybrary has seen 800 percent growth in just the last two years, with 2,000 new members joining each day, bringing the Cybrary community to nearly 3 million active global users who are currently on the training platform. And we only plan to grow from there. To support our community of cybersecurity and IT professionals and scale our rapidly-expanding catalog of courses, we’re pleased to announce that Cybrary has secured $15 million in Series B funding. The funding round was led by Austin, Texas-based BuildGroup with participation from existing investors including Arthur Ventures and Gula Tech Adventures. Gray Hall, Managing Director at BuildGroup and the former CEO of AlertLogic, as well as Ron Gula, President of Gula Tech Adventures, will be joining Cybrary’s Board of Directors.

This support will be instrumental in:

Accelerating professional development: Cybrary has the advanced data needed to help cybersecurity professionals determine what they need to know for various career paths; how well they need to know it; what technologies, tools, and certifications they need to work in a certain role or at a certain organization; and how to get there. Harnessing a talented creator network: Our platform is powered by a fast-growing community of world-class instructors and creators who are producing content at a rate that makes Cybrary the fastest moving catalog in the industry–with 10 new courses each week.

Ushering in the Era of Security Enablement

Preparing for this increasingly complex threat landscape isn’t always as simple as attaining a CISSP certification. Today’s era of cybersecurity requires training that infuses specialized cyber skill sets into ALL of the IT and technical professionals within an enterprise. That’s why Cybrary is committed to ensuring cyber professionals and organizations alike are equipped for this new era with security enablement–where enterprise leaders enable their technical professionals with the training and skills they need to deploy best security practices throughout the entire technology lifecycles of enterprise applications, products, and services. In addition to specialized career development, security enablement ensures that all technical professionals (from engineers to DevOps professionals) have the cyber skills and knowledge they need to incorporate security into all aspects of their roles and responsibilities.As Cybrary continues to grow, leaders can look forward to scaling their training across more departments and organizations, improving retention rates by giving their employees more viable career paths, and most importantly, dramatically improving security posture. Cybrary will keep advancing faster, more efficient, and more seamless cybersecurity career development so that we can enable more cybersecurity professionals than ever before and work towards finally closing the security skills gap.

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