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New Stack Ventures Makes TechCrunch List of "most active and engaged" Investors

GP, Nick Moran, is 1 of 7 Chicago Investors

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Elizabeth Santiago

Techcrunch recently published their TC List - "a directory of the most active and engaged investors in the VC industry today as recommended by founders." Months ago, founders across the country were asked to submit recommendations for "first check" investors. As stated on their recommendation form..

"we need to hear from you, founders, on who wrote the first check into your startup. Maybe it was your lead investor, or maybe it was an angel who led with a small check. Who catalyzed your round? Who guided you through the fundraise process and helped to close your round? Who, ultimately, would you recommend to other founders who are trying to find their VC champion?"

Chicago has missed out on many potential tech successes. The city, and the Midwest at large, has had chronic issues with top tech talent fleeing for the coasts. A new generation of investors has emerged in recent years -- and a more founder-friendly approach has been well received by entrepreneurs.

Jude Chiy of Chicago-based, Flamingo, states, "We were fortunate to raise our seed round from Chicago-based investors. It would have been much harder to do so 3-5 years ago. The newer generation of investors is truly focused on amplifying our success, not impeding it."

The 7 Chicago-based investors making the list include:

  • Constance Friedman of Moderne Ventures
  • Jeffrey Howard of Salveo Capital
  • John Tough of Energize Ventures
  • Kieth Bank of KB Partners
  • Nick Moran of New Stack Ventures
  • Nicole Walker of Baird Capital
  • Rick Desai of Listen Ventures
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When asked for comment Nick Moran of Chicago-based New Stack Ventures stated "I'm thrilled to be a part of the Chicago venture community and thankful to have been recommended by our amazing founders. The talent is here and transformational tech companies will be built in Chicago over the next decade. Thankfully, our local visionaries no longer have to turn to the coasts to find the right partners."

The full list can be found at