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Oprah Names Tovala to 2021 Favorite Things List

The Chicago Tech Company earns a shoutout from Oprah Winfrey

· Portfolio Company

Tovala has garnered a shoutout from Oprah. The famous ex-Chicagoan recommended Tovala on her entensively-read Oprah's Favorite Things holiday gift list. The Smart Oven made the list by cutting prep time and cleanup for busy diners. The combination food subscription service and high tech oven became a massive hit during the pandemic and has since raised several rounds of funding. 

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Journalist Gayle King, a close Oprah friend, is credited with sharing Tovala's no-fuss cooking solution. King praised Tovala for it's rotating menu of pre-prepped meals, and ease of use. Current meals include garlic pepper steak, pistachio-crusted salmon, and Lime Mojo-Smothered Pork Chops. The full menu can be found here