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"Pliant Launches Out of Stealth and Raises $2.5 Million to Automate the Digital World"

Adapted from Bloomberg article

Former SevOne tech startup exec Vess Bakalov raises over $2.5M to emerge as

Robotic Process Automation leader.

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BOSTON -- May 21, 2019

Pliant, a workflow automation platform for API-driven enterprise and service provider infrastructures, today announced it has launched out of stealth and secured over $2.5 million in funding, led by former SevOne tech startup exec, Vess Bakalov. Backed by Newfund Capital, New Stack Ventures, Leading Edge, and other angel and family investors, the funding will be used to launch the RPA company.

“In today’s on-demand and fast-paced economy, Pliant lets you build sophisticated workflows to automate complex business and IT processes in minutes, not weeks,” said Vess Bakalov, Pliant CEO. “Our technology allows IT Ops/SecOps/DevOps to automatically respond to events by connecting their current run books to the infrastructure, limiting the human intervention required to keep your enterprise running at peak performance.”

Pliant helps teams quickly create sophisticated and robust workflows across all of their systems without having to spend the time and money on building traditional fragile integrations. Pliant’s novel approach takes ease of use and goes beyond most low-code systems without sacrificing power. Combining our approach with an industry leading execution engine, which is also horizontally scalable to process millions of requests, allows Pliant to emerge as a leader in this fast-growing niche.

“Every wave of IT innovation creates a new set of infrastructure challenges,” said Henri Deshays, Partner at Newfund Capital. “Pliant's platform was specifically designed to apply RPA to orchestrate communication between virtually any type of application and IT stack. The founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with deep expertise in enterprise software, we are thrilled to be part of their new journey.”

Nick Moran, Managing Partner, New Stack Ventures: “Pliant is solving expensive IT problems with a versatile and easy to implement solution. There are many players in the RPA space but no one has brought this code-light approach to IT operations.”

Jeff Davison, General Partner at Leading Edge Ventures, adds: “The experienced entrepreneurial team at Pliant is once again building a leading edge technology that delivers immediate value to the businesses they serve. Low-code automation from Pliant will dramatically speed up the way IT Ops, SecOps, and DevOps teams deliver results to the organization.”

The platform is currently available. To sign up for a trial, please visit

About Pliant:

Pliant believes moving at the speed of digital business requires a fundamental change in the way corporations must deploy and manage technology. Speed and complexity of operations demand a solution that not only provides initial automation of provisioning (RPA), reducing human error, it must also ensure compliance, and in some cases provide automated real-time mitigation (SOAR).

Pliant’s automation capabilities allow businesses to better utilize their human assets while ensuring resilient and compliant environments that move with the speed of their digital business. To learn more, please visit us at or join the conversation at LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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