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Quorus & Global Macro Asset Management Announce Strategic Partnership for Tax-Managed Direct Indexing

Quorus, a pioneering technology-enabled direct indexing platform, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Global Macro Asset Management. This collaboration aims to introduce tax-managed versions of Global Macro’s innovative direct indexing strategies.

The partnership will empower advisors with the capability to integrate custom tax management overlays into Global Macro’s direct indexing strategies, addressing a growing demand in the market.

John Hill, CFA, President and CEO of Quorus, remarked, “As the momentum around direct indexing intensifies, asset managers are on the hunt for ways to incorporate their investment strategies with tailored, tax-managed overlays. Our collaboration with Global Macro Asset Management is a significant step towards offering enhanced tax management for its suite of direct indices.”

The strategies from Global Macro Asset Management that will be accessible through Quorus encompass:

  • GMAM DI+ Tax Sensitive Series US Core
  • GMAM Dividend+ Tax Sensitive Series
  • GMAM DI+ Tax Sensitive Series Emerging Markets
  • GMAM DI+ Tax Sensitive Series International Developed

Don Cody, President of Global Macro Asset Management, highlighted a prevalent concern among advisors. He stated, “A recurring reservation from clients regarding direct indexing is the sheer volume of holdings in their portfolios. Our direct indexes are designed to address this by leveraging quantitative investment techniques. This ensures diversified exposure while simultaneously curbing the number of individual positions. Quorus, with its proficiency in managing custom tax-managed investment portfolios, emerged as the ideal partner for our direct indices.”

With Quorus at the helm, financial advisors can seamlessly integrate Global Macro Asset Management strategies, benefiting from a spectrum of tax management strategies. These include automated tax loss harvesting, setting capital gains budget targets, and ensuring tax-aware portfolio transitions.

About Quorus:

Quorus stands out as a tech-driven investment advisor, registered with the states of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The firm's expertise lies in managing bespoke, tax-managed separately managed accounts, catering to investment advisors and their clientele.

About Global Macro Asset Management:

With its operational bases in Nevada and California, Global Macro Asset Management is a distinguished investment advisor. The firm is renowned for its unique direct investment methodologies and its capability to produce alpha in global strategies, specifically tailored for the investment advisory community.

In conclusion, this partnership between Quorus and Global Macro Asset Management promises to reshape the landscape of tax-managed direct indexing, offering unparalleled benefits to advisors and their clients. The future of tax-managed investments looks promising with such collaborations leading the way.