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Welby Health Partners with New Stack Ventures to Usher in a New Era of Tech-Enabled Care

Revolutionizing Modern Healthcare through a Unique RPM Solution

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When it comes to healthcare, the United States has become a leader in strategic innovations to improve patient care, outcomes, and the patient experience. That said, when it comes to chronic conditions that plague millions of Americans annually, there are few resources available to maintain top-tier healthcare from home. However, Welby Health, whose revolutionary WelbyCare platform to enhance at-home, longitudinal care, has recently closed a seed funding round from New Stack Ventures. The capital infusion will help Welby progress toward its goal to offer physicians and patients across the nation access to best-in-class support for the management of chronic diseases.

Created by doctors, for doctors, the WelbyCare platform was designed to help physicians manage patients with chronic conditions and complex health needs from their homes. CEO Seth Merritt works with an outstanding clinical team led by Dr. Taib Rawi, to ensure that the WelbyCare program is an extension of clinical practices, and provides physicians and patients greater support in managing chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Welby is combining a licensed clinical staff with hardware and software–including biometric data collection and digital engagement tools–to support physician offices in promoting patient engagement outside of the clinic.

“Physicians are already overworked, and asking them to take the burden of managing patients outside of the clinic themselves is just not realistic. By providing an opportunity to promote our tech-enabled clinical services to more physicians, we will be able to impact the lives of more patients and help them improve their health outcomes while also helping physicians get more enjoyment out of their profession” says Merritt.

In addition to a state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring program, the WelbyCare platform provides clinics with nationally recognized and clinically validated care guidelines to generate patient-specific care plans that comply with NCQA requirements for value-based care. Access to this level of clinical support would typically cost a clinic more than $20K annually to license and deploy, but the WelbyCare platform provides access to these guidelines to all participating clinics for no additional cost or fees, enabling the greatest possible outcomes from their remote patient monitoring programs.

By partnering with New Stack Ventures, Welby Health will be able to leverage its proprietary technology platform to break into new markets, reach new physicians, and partner with renowned clinics across the country to bring the future of healthcare to the millions of Americans requiring oversight to their chronic conditions while reducing the total cost of care. WelbyCare leverages the expertise of registered nurses and certified case managers for all patient-facing interactions, as opposed to other programs that often use non-clinically trained administrative staff that may satisfy regulatory requirements but have failed to deliver significant clinical results that physicians are looking for.

Austin Ju, deal lead at New Stack Ventures noted, “Remote patient monitoring is one of the fastest-growing segments in healthcare, projected to reach $117B by 2025. Despite this, existing solutions face poor adoption and retention. Welby’s white-gloved approach with their clinical partners addresses these major concerns.”

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