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Welcome, Ariella Frank!

· New Stack
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New Stack Ventures is thrilled to announce that Ariella Frank has joined the team as an Analyst!
We first met Ariella over the summer toward the end of our hiring process. Across the 1,000+ applicants, Ariella quickly caught our attention. Her insights resembled those of an investor with several years of experience. It was clear she had a natural instinct for venture investing. What stood out above all else was her hustle and drive, two traits that we strongly admire and seek out at New Stack. We were fortunate to have met her when we did.

“It is rare to find a young professional with Ariella’s skill set. She brings strong investment acumen and a tremendous desire to find the best undiscovered startups. The New Stack team will benefit greatly from Ariella’s rare combination of strengths.” -Nick Moran, General Partner

Ariella’s first venture and startup ecosystem exposure came at Barnard College when she joined seed-stage startup Gooroo. She began working as a business development intern and was quickly asked to join full-time. While balancing a full course load, Ariella progressed from assisting with business development efforts to ideating and overseeing an entire business line. After graduating, she joined Goldman Sach’s private lending division. We contacted her and discovered that she had the itch to take on something entrepreneurial. Transitioning to venture was a natural fit, as was joining New Stack.

“New Stack’s mission and thesis of investing in outsiders strongly aligns with a firm I wanted to join. It feels very much like a startup and has an excellent culture. I can envision myself growing here and learning the ins and outs of VC.” -Ariella Frank, Analyst

At New Stack, Ariella will assist with sourcing and diligencing investment opportunities. We’re incredibly excited to have her join our team, so please join us in welcoming Ariella Frank to New Stack!

Ariella can also be reached at